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Case Study: RELI Group Inc.

The Challenge: In 2013, Mohammad Elias founded RELI Group Inc. (RELI). Beginning as a two- person team, within seven years, the company had grown to more than 200 employees serving multiple contracts across the federal government. In that time, the founder rose to the challenge of simultaneously building a business, providing services for the contracts he won, and meeting all the operational needs to keep the business running.

The Solution:  Acknowledging how difficult it could be to do all of these things as a brand-new business, at the end of 2020, Elias made the decision to split off the operational divisions of RELI into their own business entity, WinHub LLC. This provided numerous benefits: with independent leadership, Elias was able to focus on growing RELI and serving its clients without having to also oversee operational support.

Additionally, as an independent company, WinHub was able to offer its services to other growing businesses, giving them the same freedom. Finally, RELI continued to receive outstanding operational support from WinHub without a disruption in services.

WinHub has been absolutely instrumental to
RELI’s ongoing success. Their expertise and
professionalism is unparalleled, and they are
the ideal partner for any growing business.
Having worked with RELI since the beginning,
they truly understand what operational support
a small business needs to be successful.

— Swami Swaminathan, CEO RELI Group Inc.

The Outcomes:  Since WinHub began providing comprehensive operational support, RELI has tripled in size. WinHub has facilitated the hiring and onboarding of more than 400 employees. Our business development team has delivered nearly 100 proposals, resulting in $98 million in new contracts. We helped the company win numerous awards, including the 2023 8(a) Business of the Year Award. We’ve established numerous policies and procedures for technology, finance, compliance and communications, and rolled out a number of new initiatives including an intranet, a redesigned website, and a new Human Resources Information System. As RELI continues to expand into new markets and pursue new clients, WinHub will continue to support its operations.

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